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​Jamile De Campos

Graphic Design & Art Direction | Marketing | Other

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Graphic Design & Art Direction

My expensive piece of paper says I have a Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Marketing, with honors. Adobe Creative Suite lives open on my computer. Branding, packaging design, typography, print, digital, ad campaigns and creative direction are all well known categories in my little black design toolbox. I have a passion for creating things that are unique in their own way and enjoy stirring up ideas that hang on the border of unconventional yet brilliant.



With over a decade of marketing experience in on-premise and off-premise, B2B, B2C, direct and indirect sales, trade shows and events of all sizes, I have gathered extensive experience to know how to sell your product, service or idea in-person or from behind my computer. My graphic design background helps me understand the balance between the design components, strategic marketing goals and their integration importance in relation to the end business goal.


I speak 3 languages, have a passion for automotive, photography  and have a 110lb European Doberman named Mando The Doberlorian who still thinks he's a lap dog. @MandoTheDoberlorian on insta if you're curious!

I can provide a complete cv/resume/references upon request.

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